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Challenge Possible

At the age of 25, Brett Hagler co-founded New Story, a Y-Combinator backed organization that’s landed at the top of Fast Company’s “Most Innovative Companies in the World” four different times, created the world’s first 3D-printed community of homes, impacted thousands of families, and is on a journey to impact 1M people by 2030 with life-changing housing solutions. While Brett didn’t have a background in international development, that didn’t stop him from taking action. When people feel unqualified, 99% respond by letting it govern their actions. The unique 1% recognize they’re unqualified, but understand that doesn’t have to mean they’re unprepared —and they do ‘it’ anyways. In this keynote, Brett will challenge what you think is possible, and empower your audience to break from limiting beliefs and pioneer a new path.

Demystify Innovation

Innovation isn't simply a talent you are born with (or not) — it's a skill you can develop. It's from that perspective that New Story co-founder and CEO, Brett Hagler, dispels the top myths surrounding the concept of innovation. Exploring themes such as viewing innovation as a byproduct rather than the goal, identifying the problem behind the problem, building systems of innovation, and responding to interruption, Brett equips his audience to develop the skill of innovation and instill it in their teams and organizations.

build bold

New Story is known not just for its innovative approach to 3D printing homes for those that need them most, but for its dynamic young team under the leadership of co-founder and CEO, Brett Hagler. Building bold starts with attracting bold people followed by creating a space where people can stretch past their perceived limitations. In this keynote, Brett shares lessons learned from building the revolutionary New Story team and bold culture, and helps audience members apply those lessons to their own organizations.

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